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Beautiful Furniture Needs Good Care

Whether at home or in the workplace, you use the upholstery in your space every day. And whilst you don’t take it entirely for granted, like everything else you use on a continual basis it needs periodic attention. Because your furniture takes a lot of abuse - from pets, kids and your guests - inevitably, over time, it’s going accumulate dirt, stains and allergens and begin looking shabby And even when dirt and dust are not entirely visible, that does not mean they still are not there, deep in the material’s fibers.
Here at Handmade Oriental Rug Cleaning, we offer high-quality professional upholstery cleaning services, across all of Dobbs Ferry, Westchester, for when your upholstery looks tired and dirty but a simple vacuuming or running a wet cloth with some soap across it will not suffice. Whatever your furniture’s material - silk, wool, corduroy, velvet or polyester - our deep cleaning methods, using powerful, industrial machinery with two water tanks will leave your armchair, sofa or loveseat looking super clean and smelling incredibly fresh. We sanitize and deodorize every piece too, and our deep and thorough cleaning techniques mean that within a couple of hours the material will be dry and clean.

Keep The People You Love Healthy

The health benefits of having your upholstery cleaned on a regular basis cannot be underestimated either. Our deep cleaning won’t just remove bacteria from the material, it will also eliminate odors (the inevitable consequence of owning a beloved pet) and makes life much better for anyone in your home or workplace that suffers from allergies. Without a doubt, upholstery cleaning improves air quality in a room - once dust is cleaned away, you will be breathing in much cleaner air every time you sit down.

Regular upholstery cleaning won’t just make your furniture smell better and look far more attractive but it will also extend its lifespan. So what initially appears an unnecessary expense actually saves you money on replacing a couch or ottoman, but also lets you hold onto pieces that are of sentimental value to you.So get in touch with us today to find out more about the expert services we offer...and breathe a sigh of relief when we’ve cleaned away the dirt and dust! Our friendly customer service representatives are waiting to hear from you.

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