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Every Rug is Special

At Handmade Oreitanl Rug Cleaning, we understand what makes Oriental rugs so special. Hailing from India, Iran, Afghanistan and China, the quality of the materials used to weave them, combined with their high-knot count and intridicate, often geometrical designs, means they are highly valued and enjoy pride of place in our clients’ homes.

Based in Westchester, and serving the Dobbs Ferry NY area too, we have been in the business for over 20 years, and we know rugs. We serve thousands of residential and commercial clients in the area and employ only the most skilled and dedicated staff, Whether your piece is Persian Kilim, Malayer, Sarouk or Senneh rug, we understand you love it dearly. Such rugs are not just beautiful - they are durable. If well treated they will last for decades and some - if made of silk - can last up to 100 years. That’s three generations!

Treating Oriental Rugs With The Greatest Care

Oriental rugs are so special and quite unique. So whether yours was given to you as a gift, passed down as a family heirloom or purchased by you for investment purposes, we understand how important it is for you to entrust it to someone who will care for it dearly. Look no further. We treat every rug - Oriental or area - with as much care as if it were our own.

Whether your rug needs cleaning, repair or restoration we can help. We can remove stains and odors, restore color and repair fringes. sure it’s the pride and joy of your home or office. No wonder you love it dearly and want to leave it in capable hands when it needs cleaning, repair or restoration. Don’t worry - we are here!

Customized Repair and Restoration for Your Rug

We also offer a customized repair and restoration service for Oriental and area rugs, since we understand that over the years your rug is going to need some attention, be it with minor repairs or serious work. These include:

Fixing holes
Restoring faded colors
Fringe strengthening

Our staff have an eye for detail and endless patience, so you have no need to worry! Additionally, before we repair or restore any rug, we deep clean it first. It’s all part of the service.

Free Pick-Up and Return Delivery

We know how bad traffic can be in NY, so we also offer a free pick up and return delivery service for every client. And to give you even more peace of mind, know that every job comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.rug to you. So don’t hesitate - pick up the phone now for a free no-obligation quote.

Handmade Oriental Rug Cleaning - No. 1 for Rugs in Dobbs Ferry and Westchester.

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Tried and Tested Oriental Rug Cleaning Methods

After we’ve transported your Oriental rug to our facility, we will put it through the following tried and tested steps:
Inspection - we check its age and condition, so we can see if there are any specific things that need to be taken into account when we clean it.
Dusting - a powerful dusting will shake loose dust particles, dirt, allergens and soil.
Cleaning - Using gentle green solutions, we will massage the fibers of the rug with soft bristled brushes. With fine materials, it’s much better to clean a rug by hand, which is what we do. Then we will rinse it carefully to check all the shampoo is gone.
Drying - your rug will then be put in a climate-controlled room,and left to dry.

By the time you receive your rug back, it should look like a whole new piece - smelling fresh and rid of stains and odors.

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