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Carpet Cleaning Services That Exceed Your Expectations

Based in Westchester and serving clients across Dobbs Ferry, NY, here at Handmade Oriental Rug Cleaning we know all about carpet cleaning and installation. because we’ve been in the business quite some time. Like you, we love carpet - it adds a touch of luxury to your home, it's comfortable, soft and keeps you warm in a long winter.

But if you don't take care of it properly, you will end up with a problem. You see, what many people don’t really understand is that deep below the carpet surface lurk all kinds of unpleasant things, ranging from grime and dirt to dust mites and allergens. Don’t worry - that’s why we’re here!

Every Oriental Rug Deserves Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

We use the deepest cleaning techniques when cleaning your carpet, and only ever non-toxic solutions. We think the health of you and your family is incredibly important. The green products we use at our warehouse aren’t just as good as traditional products - they’re even better. However, they don’t contain harsh chemicals. Good for your rug and the planet!

Our carpet cleaning goes deep down into the fibers, and makes sure coffee, red wine, grease stains, pet urine, odors and grime are removed fast. This leaves your carpet smelling fresh with the material revived.

Carpet Installation That Meets All Your Needs

At Handmade Oriental Rug Cleaning, we also offer a complete carpet installation service across Westchester and Dobbs Ferry. This involves removing the doors to your home, installing the tackless strips and carpet itself and then stapling steams and trimming.

If you call before noon, we can usually offer an appointment to collect your rug . Combined with our free pick up and return delivery service, we can be in your home or office in no-time at all - sometimes within an hour or two.

Service That Goes Beyond Your Expectations

We are committed to providing you with a service that does not just meet your expectations, it goes beyond them. That’s why we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our work. If you are not happy, just give us a call and we will return and do the job once more.

So for a free, no-obligation quote call us now to talk to one our dedicated representatives and find out about we can best meet your needs,

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Carpet Cleaning That Hits The Spot

Our tried-and-tested carpet cleaning techniques involve the following:

Firstly we inspect the carpet, with our technicians asking you a few questions about its condition and age. This is because we need to work out how it can be best cleaned.

Then we give it a good vacuuming, one which goes deep. This removes soil and dirt particles..

Next, we use a gentle conditioning spot and stain removing product, which really goes to work on stains and odors.

Finally, we move onto the deep cleaning - we use a hot water extraction technique and our industrial machinery has two separate water tanks, so clean and dirty water don’t mix at any time.

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